Looking for a job and AI in media/education

Media layoffs are still looming and AI is adding more value to media

Looking for a job and AI in media/education

Hey everyone! I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus due to a chaotic first quarter over at my day job. What I learned, just this week, is that my day job will be going away at the end of the month. It’s somewhat par for the course within the current media landscape. I’ve spent the last 15 years at Hart Energy, coming up through the ranks from IT and software engineering, to business leadership managing the digital media P&L for the last 7 years. I’m on the market now, so if you need, or know someone who does, a person with a progressive technology, digital media, data analytics, and business background, who’s managed a multi-million dollar digital media business, let me know. I can be reached at mark@overwritemedia.com and feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile for a further look at my career.

Now, let’s talk AI (generated by AI with a bit of human editing flair).

AI, or as I like to call it - the super-smart robot brain - is shaking things up in the digital media game. It's helping media companies do some pretty cool stuff, like personalizing content, creating content, targeting ads, analyzing images and videos, and even chatting it up with customers through chatbots!

Remember when you got those spooky good product recommendations on Amazon? That was AI at work, analyzing your shopping history, browsing behavior, and even social media activity to understand what you're into. It's like having a psychic sidekick, but way more accurate.

And did you know that AI can create content too? I mean, yeah, it's not going to write the next Great American Novel, but it can crank out news articles and social media posts that sound like they were written by a human. The Washington Post even uses an AI-powered tool called Heliograf to generate news articles. Robots writing the news? Who would have thought?

AI is also giving us some seriously cool video and image analysis. It can identify objects, people, and even emotions in images and videos. Plus, Snapchat's filters use AI to recognize your face and apply fun animations and effects. So now, you can turn into a dancing hotdog or a flower crown queen with just a click of a button.

And let's not forget about the chatbots! They're like your personal AI assistants, ready to help you find that perfect pair of shoes or answer any questions you might have. H&M's chatbot even uses AI to help you find the right size and style of clothing. No more fashion mishaps!

Bloomberg just announced the launch of BloombergGPT, which they tout ‘Think of it as a computer that aims to “know” everything the entire company “knows.”’

So there you have it, folks. AI is like the digital media fairy godmother, making all our content dreams come true. And who knows what other magical things it will bring us in the future!

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During this chaotic first quarter, I also decided to build something. A platform that is built on OpenAI’s GPT platform to help students with their coursework, as it’s geared directly towards q&a to provide an easy way to learn complex subjects. It’s called Course Q&A and allows students to ask specific questions and get detailed answers, along with the steps to achieve the answer.

Try Course Q&A for free and let me know what you think.