Leveraging AI for Enhanced Video Advertising on YouTube: A Guide for Business Professionals

Google announces how AI is reshaping advertising on YouTube. This is a guide for how your business can take advantage.

Leveraging AI for Enhanced Video Advertising on YouTube: A Guide for Business Professionals
Credit: Christian Wiediger/Unsplash

Google is on a roll with new AI-based products and services being delivered in 2023. Earlier this week, Nicky Rettke, VP of Product Management, YouTube Ads, announced how AI is reshaping advertising on YouTube. Let’s break down the announcement and see how it can affect how your business advertises on YouTube.

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Google’s landscape provides a myriad of opportunities for businesses to engage with their target audience, and YouTube stands as one of the most influential platforms. For business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs, tapping into YouTube's expansive audience through video advertising is a strategic move. Yet, realizing its full potential demands more than just content creation—it requires optimization. This is where the new integration of artificial intelligence (AI) becomes crucial.

Utilizing AI-driven capabilities, like YouTube's "creative guidance," allows businesses to enhance their video content. This feature critically assesses videos and furnishes advertisers with concrete recommendations to elevate their ads in line with industry best practices. Instead of relying on trial and error, businesses can now leverage AI-derived insights to fine-tune various aspects such as brand narrative, audio quality, video length, and formatting. By doing so, enterprises can optimize the efficacy of their YouTube advertisements from inception.

Moreover, AI's prowess extends beyond content refinement. It facilitates advertisers in broadening their outreach amidst YouTube's varied viewing modalities. Through AI's capability to match ads with the most pertinent contexts, it heightens ad engagement across multiple platforms—whether it be Connected TV (CTV), in-feed videos, or YouTube Shorts. A testament to this is eBay's experience, wherein their AI-curated YouTube campaigns witnessed a staggering 114% surge in their Shorts view rate.

The trajectory of AI's role in YouTube advertising is only set to ascend. Generative AI, in the foreseeable future, will play a pivotal role as a creative collaborator for businesses. It can aid in conceptualizing innovative concepts, crafting assets, and generating multiple video iterations, ensuring resonance with diverse audience segments.

In essence, AI serves as the linchpin to unleash the true potential of YouTube's advertising realm. As businesses harness AI-integrated advertising tools on YouTube, they position themselves at the forefront of the competition. The fusion of AI and video advertising on YouTube is poised to redefine how brands engage, expand their horizons, and achieve superior outcomes.

As we can see, Google is investing more in AI every day. They’re playing catch-up to OpenAI, but they seem to be thinking far ahead of AI just being used in search.

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